Pakistan Engineering Council
Application for Supervisory certificates
Only for Un-Employed PEC Registered Engineers
who were issued Supervisory Certificate for 2018-19
  1. Please check your eligibility for supervisory license by login. If system allows you to login, you are eligible for issuance of “Supervisory License”, otherwise system will not allow you to login with error message, “You are not eligible for supervisory license”.
  2. If you are eligible, please visit any PEC office for biometric verification
  3. After biometric verification, please follow the steps as under;
    1. After login, upload scanned document of Affidavit (on stamp paper). The affidavit must be attested by Oath Commissioner. Sample affidavit is available here.
    2. Scanned document must be in .jpg format having file size not greater than 500Kb.
    3. Supervisory license will be dispatched on your mailing address as available in engineer's registration portal (
  4. If you have submitted the supervisory application prior to biometric verification, please visit any PEC office for biometric verification to complete your submitted application.
Please use same CNIC/Password to login as Engineers Registration Portal