All offices of Pakistan Engineering Council will remain open on 24-25 August, 2019, 0900-1700 hrs in order to facilitate the Engineers for Supervisory Certificates
Pakistan Engineering Council
Application for Supervisory certificates
  1. Please check your eligibility for supervisory license by login. If system allows you to login, you are eligible for issuance of “Supervisory License”, otherwise system will not allow you to login with error message.
  2. If you are eligible, please visit any PEC office for biometric verification
  3. After biometric verification, please follow the steps as under;
    1. After login, click on "Click to apply".
    2. Read declaration carefully. If you agree "Check" (✓) the Delaration Statement. Click "Next" , then click on Submit and click on "Yes, Submit It!".
    3. Supervisory license will be dispatched on your mailing address as available in engineer's registration portal.
  4. Eligibility criteria for supervisory certificate is:
    1. RE Graduates passed during the year 2018-2019 and neither are or were employed with any organization.
    2. Engineers who were holding Supervisory Certificate with validity up to June 30, 2019 and they could not get employment so far with any organization (public/private) on the basis of Supervisory Certificate or otherwise.
Please use same CNIC/Password to login as Engineers Registration Portal